Acustiflex 1100

The Acustiflex movable wall model 1100 is composed by a frame of 18 gage tubular steel protected with anticorrosive paint, rigidly welded and assembled with crosspieces of 60 cm each on both sides. These panel walls are formed with imported half inch MDF and a 3 inch mineral wool layer to achieve an effective soundproof between 46 and 48 dB depending on the finishing of the room that will be divided.
The seal system of every panel is achieved by a pair of upper and lower retractable tabs activated by a bar and a push spring. It is simple and practical to activated by using the handle on the side of panel.
The contact area between panels (assembly) is done with a deep aluminum tongue and groove system on the side to contribute and to seal as well as to prevent sound leakage and to give rigidity to the assembly of panels that form the wall.


The finishing of the movable walls is in 100% acrylic woven fabric and below it has a foam layer (peeler) of 6 millimeters to help sound insulation and to give it a puffed look to the face of the panel (ASTM-E84) finally it has an aluminum with double vinyl on both the upper and lower and sides of the panel.
The sound insulating movable walls are manufactured on dimensions and specifications of the exact work ordered, once made it cannot be altered in measurements.

Sonic wall

The movable wall fulfills the function of preventing of noise leakage between rooms, but not noise pollution that could be provided on the ceiling, so Acustimuros recommends to place the barrier sonic between the upper bed rail and the slab or roof.
The sonic barrier will consist of two panels of 12.7mm of drywall filled with mineral wool. The joints and seams must be perfectly sealed and caulked and thereby prevent the transmission of noise above the ceiling of the room that is divided.