Metalmovil 1000

This is also a product of Acustimuros company, its main feature is blocking the access from one area to another with the advantage of visualizing what is happening between the spaces being divided by this wall.
Metalmovil 1000 works in the same way as model Acustiflex 1100 in regarding the suspension system, mechanism and the tongue and groove system seals between panels, the only thing is that it doesn’t have the ability of being soundproof as it has no elements to define it as acoustic, instead the finishing of this panel that forms the wall Metalmovil 1000 is a carbon steel sheet with 1/8" holes allowing the perfect view between areas divided with this product.


Some movie theaters, including Cinepolis Group, a company recognized nationally and Internationally have used this type of wall to divide the space between the lobby of the cinema and public space of the area to prevent the passage of people before the rooms are open for admission. To name a few places where some of the rooms are divided with this model are in Guadalajara, Leon, Aguascalientes, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez and Guatemala in other countries.

We proudly present to you one more alternative to divide spaces and its optimal use, where the noise factor is not required.