Portable 850

The 850 removable or portable panel is an ideal product for a height between 2.4 meters to 3 meters to meet the needs of dividing small meeting areas, boardrooms, cubicles, exhibition, training income, or to create corridors to large capacity venue among others.
This model does not have great capacity for sound insulation, but has the advantage of being dismantled and moved into storage, in difference with Model 1100, that requires a positioning rails, one to transfer and one for storing the panels, the track or channel of this model is embedded in the ceiling or attached directly to the slab or girder, and can be placed in any area to be split as long as it has the exact same height, but without the need for any additional rails for transferring and storing the modules that make the wall.


The frame of the panels or modules that make up the wall is a tubular of a 18 gage and its interior is a layer of polyethylene, as well as their respective iron beams that give rigidity to the frame of the panel, the face is of plywood and the finishing is similar to model 1100 and it has a peeler layer of 6mm to give it a puffed look and subsequently completed in a woven fabric.
The portable Model 850 has a weight of 20kg per square meter with intercostal fasteners joining the panels of 1.2 m wide and a module thickness of an inch and a quarter.

Another option that Acustimuros SA de CV has at your service to divide your premises is model 850, its portable and easy to disassemble and to transport.