Acustiflex 1050

With the need to provide an economical alternative and with the same quality in sealing system, transfer and operation for the division spaces. The model 1050 born and it works just like the 1100 and the rail system, supports and transporters.


Acustiflex panel model 1050 is made with a tubular steel frame 18 gage protected with anticorrosive paint, rigidly welded and assembled with crosspieces of 60 cm each on both sides, as is the frame of 1100, however, the walls of such panel are formed with national chipboard of 12 mm and a layer of three inches of mineral wool to obtain an effective barrier to block sound between 40 and 45 dB depending on the finishes of the room that will be split.
The seal system of each panel is obtained by a pair of upper and lower retractable flaps operated by a push rod and spring-actuated on the edge of the board with a handle in a simple and practical way, the same way as model 1100 and the contact area between panels (assembly) this is achieved through a profound contributing tongue and groove of PVC seal on one side to prevent the passage of sound and give rigidity to the assembly of panels that make up the wall, it is noted that the color of this frame panel is black.


The finished wall is 100% acrylic woven fabric and below it has a layer of foam (peeler) of 3 mm to help with the soundproofing and a puffed face panel (ASTM-E84), finally it has an overall aluminum double vinyl top and bottom on both sides of the panel. The sound insulating movable walls are manufactured on exact dimensions and specifications to the job requested, so once it has been made it cannot be altered in its measurements.