Acustiflex 1100

Acustiflex 1100

Of great durability and beauty, the acoustiflex panels guarantee users a pleasant environment, efficient acoustics and privacy, which gives their facilities the category of high class.

Used for heights of 2 - 12 meters. 4 "thick
Rigidly welded steel frame.
Imported MDF. Wall designed to achieve an effective sound barrier between 46 and 48 decibels depending on the finishes of the area to be divided.
Sound-insulating mobile walls are manufactured in exact dimensions and characteristics for each project, so once they are manufactured they cannot be altered.
The sealing system of each panel is achieved by means of a pair of upper and lower retractable tabs that are operated on the edge of the panel with a handle in a simple and practical way.
The contact area between panels is achieved by means of a deep aluminum tongue, helping on the one hand the sealing to prevent the passage of sound and on the other giving rigidity to the set of panels that make up the wall.
The wall is finished in 100% acrylic woven fabric treated with a backing to give it a better appearance and protect the acoustics. (ASTM-E84 standard).
Aluminum dust covers both upper and lower on both sides of the panel.

Variety of finishing

The finishes necessary to enhance your events

Acabado Tela


Fabric finish in polypropylene, oleofíbrica or polyester fiber with acrylic resin backing. Color fastness in different shades. Optional flame retardant and stain repellent.


Natural or composite wood veneer without finishing, applying MDF depending on the design

Laminated plastic

Layers of kraft paper, design paper, impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin pressed under high pressure, with different finishes.


Polyester laminated with easy-to-clean PVC film in different textures.

Acabado Pintarron


They painted plastic laminate with a life time of 5 years.

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